Navigate the digital token marketplace.

We help enterprises engage the token economy. Beetle Systems provides services and software to help digital token market participants analyze, structure, issue, market, purchase, and sell digital tokens and cryptocurrencies.

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Understand the markets with research and analysis.

Valuation and economics

Valuing a token requires a mixture of techniques used for currencies and financial instruments, even before the technological complexity of protocols, mining, and so on. Our research team helps you understand the forces at work and what each token is worth.

Structural analysis

Standards are only emerging; every token behaves differently and carries different risks and rewards. Is this token safe to own? Does that mechanism work? What are the risks? What are the payoffs?

Market insight

Liquidity flits across hundreds of markets and attractive new tokens sell out in seconds. Our platform monitors and predicts market movements in the entire crypto world in real time, presenting a unified interface. Our token integration team brings new tokens on board and on your radar before they hit the news or any exchange.

Use the token economy to grow your business.

Token issuance and crowdsales

Beyond the technical details of token issuance, we emphasize strategic and business aspects. How can your token meet your goals? How can it be structured and marketed to maximize impact yet avoid regulatory issues? Who will buy it?

Customer Engagement

Sometimes the goal of a token sale is to build buzz, test a market, or try out a new kind of pre-order. We design marketing-oriented token campaigns.

Trusted counterparty

Increasingly businesses must deal in tokens but don't have the bandwidth or risk appetite to deep dive in the crypto-asset world. We help you find the trusted counterparties you need, or act as one ourselves if appropriate.

Optimize your holdings and market access.

Token trading

Beetle systems is in the process of obtaining the necessary licences to offer customers access to our proprietary token and cryptoasset trading systems. Join our mailing list to be first out of the gate.


Tracking, reporting, and accounting for tokens is a challenging task. Our software makes it easier. While we do not offer legal, tax, or accounting advice, our software can automate many common tasks and prepare reports ready to hand to your service provider or feed your accounting system.

Portfolio analysis

Beyond compliance, we can help you understand the rights, risks and benefits of the collection of tokens you hold, and make suggestions to improve your payoff structure.